Monday, December 3, 2018

My Japan Research (Summer Learning Journey Prep)

Hey Bloggers,

Today I going to be studying Japan for my Summer Learning Journey Prep.
I decide I wanted to visit the capital of Japan Tokyo, because there is lots of fun amusement park and amazing landmarks. Tokyo's current population is 9,262, 046. Japanese is the most commonly used language in Tokyo.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Pet Day!

Hey Bloggers.

Pet Day is finally here! Does your school every do pet? Comment down below if they do!  The First thing we did was take our pets to the library if your pet was a soft toy or a pet rock I brought in a soft toy. Then it was time to make our Vegetable Sculpture or a Sand Saucer  I chose to make a sand saucer because I forgot all of my stuff at home so I had to make one with my friend Hannah. I'm really excited to find out who won the Sand Saucer Competition, I hope me and Hannah win. What do you like better Cats or Dogs? I prefer cats but dogs are pretty cool to! I can't wait till all pets come I hope there are a lot of cats.

Finally it was time to go out and see the duck herding, it was pretty interesting to the watch ducks but it was my least favorite part of Pet day. Sadly I had to go home early because I wasn't feeling well so I missed the sheep shearing and meeting the pets but otherwise I had really good day and I can't wait till next year.

Time Table for the day:
Vegetable Sculpture
Sand Saucer 
Maths or Novel Study
Duck herding

Sheep Shearing 
Blog You Later! Please leave me some feedback on my post.
Sheep Shearing 

Hannah, Bree

Sand Saucer 

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The End of Year is Coming! |Uploading Work|

THE END OF YEAR IS COMING! Now that we only have 2 weeks left of school so its time for us to upload our work to Link-Ed.  All together we had upload 7 post to Link-Ed.  I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, also I'm happy with the scores I got in my tests for this year apart from some of my maths which is my worst subject in school. Do you do ditgeal reports at your school? Comment down below if you do. What's your favorite subject in school? Comment down below what it is! Please Give me some feedback on this post.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Book Character Day |Hooked on Books Week|

|Book Character Day|📚
This Week it was Hooked on books week this Thursday we had a book character dress up day.
Me and my friend group decide to go as Winnie the Pooh Characters.  I was piglet so I decide to wear a pink tutu, and pink Suspenders. Me Hannah and Chloe made the ears for our costume and Julia wore a mask. I'm so happy that our costumes turned out good. Does you school do dress up days? Comment down below if you do! What's your favorite book character? Comment down below what it is. Please give me some feedback.Blog you later!

Books We Read This Week:
Laugh your head of forever,
Goldfish boy,
Cool Nukes,

Bree, Hannah, Julia, Chole

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Dance Party | Coding |

On monday we started hooked on books week, the first book we read was Liars-The truth app.
Liars is a book about a 13 year old boy tech genius who makes an app and it goes viral, Rimu decided to give it a try. The First thing we did was watch a few tutorials and then tried it ourselves. The hardest thing for me was try to remember what code did what. Otherwise I found everything pretty easy and fun. Have you ever used Comment down below if you have! Also what do you think of my dance party! Please leave some feedback.

My Dance Party!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Chemicals Inquiry Poster |Inquiry Update|

This week Julia and I finished our Chemicals inquiry poster wich we are really proud of. The hardest thing for me was probably painting because it took so long and the design we did was really difficult. My favorite part was getting to see the finished product. Have you done an inquiry? What do you think of 1080? Comment down  below if you have! please give me some feedback on my post.

Blog you later!

Steps of making the poster:
1. Picking our Design
2. Painting and Drawing
3. Arranging, Notes, Pictures and more.
5. Gluing
6. Bending and reshaping poster so it can stand

Finished Product 

Making the Poster

Friday, November 9, 2018

Sailing 2018!

Recount Sailing
Sprinting into school hoping I wasn’t late, but luckily I wasn’t late I was at least 10 minutes early I sighed
and sat down outside the classroom. Finally it was 8:30 so I could head into class and start getting
ready for sailing. After a very long time on the mat the bus finally arrived everyone formed into a line but
soon it was like a stampede of elephants my foot got crushed a couple of times. Once everyone had
piled into the bus it was time to go, it felt the bus trip took forever even though it was only a couple of
minutes to Lake Rua. Once again the class was like a stampede of elephants but with more excitement.

Before I knew it everyone had unpacked their things and were ready for sailing but first we had to learn
how to assemble the boat which was called an optimus.
Once my group had finally assembled out boat we were ready to learn how to sail.
At first I had no idea what I was doing but soon I started to get the hang of it.

Finally it was time for us to head out into the water I was excited but extremely nervous at the same time
the first thing I had to was get one of the people from my group out onto the water,
I tiptoed into the water hoping it wouldn’t be cold but I was wrong the water was absolutely freezing,
I tried to get out of sailing when it was my turn but it was no use.
I hopped into our boat and got prepared to hit the water,
before I knew I was out in the middle of lake and needed to turn but I didn’t swap sides quick enough
so my boat began tip I had fling myself into the middle of the boat so it wouldn't capsize
I screamed my head for about 10 minutes until an instructor came to my rescue.
Once I had made it to the shore I decide I did not want to ever do that again!

I felt the excitement leave my body and be replaced with fear would have to sail at least twice today!
Luckily I would be with an instructor this time. Mrs Taylor ended up giving me her phone to take some
pictures of the class sailing which I enjoyed because I have been getting into photography. Sadly it  
was my turn I stepped into the boat expecting I would capsize and drown but of course that didn’t
I sailed a lot better than last expect for getting stuck in the trees while I was coming into shore
but otherwise it wasn’t to bad.
I was proud of myself for giving it another go but decide sailing definitely was not my strong suit!

Finally it was time to get changed and pack our bags and head back to school.
Once I had got changed into my warm close it was time for me to pack my bags up and get into the bus.
Once I had almost packed everything I realized I didn’t have my lunch box I searched my bags and my
friends but I couldn’t find it. I got into the bus without my lunch box.
The teacher then told us to check our backpacks for my lunch box.
My best friend Julia had grabbed it by accident because we both have the same lunch box!

Finally we arrived at school and packed up our things and went home.
I really enjoyed sailing apart from almost dying and being tried for the rest of the day
but otherwise it was pretty fun. And I hope I get to do it next year but maybe I need to learn how to
turn better so I don’t almost capsize! I also learnt that sailing is not my strong suit yet and that
I shouldn't give up so quickly.