Thursday, November 15, 2018

Chemicals Inquiry Poster |Inquiry Update|

This week Julia and I finished our Chemicals inquiry poster wich we are really proud of. The hardest thing for me was probably painting because it took so long and the design we did was really difficult. My favorite part was getting to see the finished product. Have you done an inquiry? What do you think of 1080? Comment down  below if you have! please give me some feedback on my post.

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Steps of making the poster:
1. Picking our Design
2. Painting and Drawing
3. Arranging, Notes, Pictures and more.
5. Gluing
6. Bending and reshaping poster so it can stand

Finished Product 

Making the Poster

Friday, November 9, 2018

Sailing 2018!

Recount Sailing
Sprinting into school hoping I wasn’t late, but luckily I wasn’t late I was at least 10 minutes early I sighed
and sat down outside the classroom. Finally it was 8:30 so I could head into class and start getting
ready for sailing. After a very long time on the mat the bus finally arrived everyone formed into a line but
soon it was like a stampede of elephants my foot got crushed a couple of times. Once everyone had
piled into the bus it was time to go, it felt the bus trip took forever even though it was only a couple of
minutes to Lake Rua. Once again the class was like a stampede of elephants but with more excitement.

Before I knew it everyone had unpacked their things and were ready for sailing but first we had to learn
how to assemble the boat which was called an optimus.
Once my group had finally assembled out boat we were ready to learn how to sail.
At first I had no idea what I was doing but soon I started to get the hang of it.

Finally it was time for us to head out into the water I was excited but extremely nervous at the same time
the first thing I had to was get one of the people from my group out onto the water,
I tiptoed into the water hoping it wouldn’t be cold but I was wrong the water was absolutely freezing,
I tried to get out of sailing when it was my turn but it was no use.
I hopped into our boat and got prepared to hit the water,
before I knew I was out in the middle of lake and needed to turn but I didn’t swap sides quick enough
so my boat began tip I had fling myself into the middle of the boat so it wouldn't capsize
I screamed my head for about 10 minutes until an instructor came to my rescue.
Once I had made it to the shore I decide I did not want to ever do that again!

I felt the excitement leave my body and be replaced with fear would have to sail at least twice today!
Luckily I would be with an instructor this time. Mrs Taylor ended up giving me her phone to take some
pictures of the class sailing which I enjoyed because I have been getting into photography. Sadly it  
was my turn I stepped into the boat expecting I would capsize and drown but of course that didn’t
I sailed a lot better than last expect for getting stuck in the trees while I was coming into shore
but otherwise it wasn’t to bad.
I was proud of myself for giving it another go but decide sailing definitely was not my strong suit!

Finally it was time to get changed and pack our bags and head back to school.
Once I had got changed into my warm close it was time for me to pack my bags up and get into the bus.
Once I had almost packed everything I realized I didn’t have my lunch box I searched my bags and my
friends but I couldn’t find it. I got into the bus without my lunch box.
The teacher then told us to check our backpacks for my lunch box.
My best friend Julia had grabbed it by accident because we both have the same lunch box!

Finally we arrived at school and packed up our things and went home.
I really enjoyed sailing apart from almost dying and being tried for the rest of the day
but otherwise it was pretty fun. And I hope I get to do it next year but maybe I need to learn how to
turn better so I don’t almost capsize! I also learnt that sailing is not my strong suit yet and that
I shouldn't give up so quickly.

Mrs Spragg and Hannah are Coming Back!

This week is the last week without Mrs Spragg and Hannah, if you haven't seen their blog they went on an amazing trip all around the world for 3 months! Link to their blog Hannah and Mrs Spragg came in to vist the class on wednesday with present for three year 8's and a few year 7's since Hannah missed my 14th Birthday she bought me a eiffel tower and and Mockingjay keychain because I'm obsessed with hunger games series. I'm so happy Hannah's coming back so I can blab on about the Harry potter series with her. Did your teacher ever go on holiday? comment down below if they did! Please give me some feedback on my post.

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Photos for Mrs Spraggs blog

Friday, November 2, 2018

Easttle-T4 |2018|

Why Sport is more important than music

This week Rimu did their Easttle writing test I had to write about Why music is better than sport you had the pick to agree with the statement or disagree. I decided to disagree, I found this E-asttle difficult because I felt I couldn't be as creative as I wanted to be I'm not that good at persuasive writing. Have you done a E-asttle? Comment down below if you have! Please give me some feedback on this post

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Hi My name is Bree and I’m going to explain to you why I disagree with the statement that Music is more important than sport.  Even though I love listing to music I strongly believe that sport is more important than music and it needs to be encouraged by parents and schools so that kids will have a healthy body and mindset and will perform better at school and everyday activities.

Sport is known to be a coping method for anxiety or depression 96% percent out of hundred patients from St Gorge
Hospital struggling with anxiety or depression have proven this.  
Sports will ensure you have a healthy mindset and body and you will have more energy throughout the day.
Kids and teenagers also need to be off their technology more and need to be more active instead of being cooped up
inside on their phones or tablets.

Since many primary and high schools are providing technology for education purpose children need to have more exercise and
schools could do that by having a longer P.E session. Teachers should also have to participate in P.E
so they have a good mindset for when they are in class.

Sports also allows you to be creative for example dance because you can express yourself but still be healthy at
the same time but many other sports can help you express yourself. Sports can also help you have a good career for example
you could be a famous athlete or be a famous fitness blogger.
There are too many other careers sports can give you but you don’t have to be good at sports to enjoy it.

In conclusion it must be obvious that sport is more important than music. Sports helps you with anxiety or depression it also ensures that you will have a good mindset and a healthy body. You can also get amazing opportunities from sport which can help with a career. Sports is more important than music.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Athletics Day |Recount|

For the last few weeks rimu has been writing recounts. I really enjoyed writing this recount about Athletics because it went really well. The hardest thing for me was making the recount interesting because I usually write narratives. What's your favourite genre to write? Comment it down below. Please give me some feedback on my recount, the program I used was Flipsnack. Have you done Athletics yet? Comment down below if you have! 

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Chemicals Inquiry |Update|

A few weeks I did a blog post about my Chemicals Inquiry so I have decided to update you guys on how it's going. So far Julia and I are starting to get ready to present our notes and improve them, But first we have to interview an expert in the community about our subject Julia and I are thinking about calling or visiting the 1080 factory so we can find out about the chemical and why they use it. Julia and I are struggling to think of a way to present our inquiry. Do you know any good websites we could use? If you do comment them down below. Please give me some feedback on my post.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Maths Slide (Geometry & Measurement)

Geometry & Measurement

For the last few weeks Rimu has been working on Geometry and Measurement. The whole class had to do a slide on it. So far I'm on slide sixteen. The hardest thing on the slide for me was time because I struggle a lot with time but I manage to finish most of the time slide. My favourite thing to do on the Geometry and Measurement is reading co-ordinates because it was fun to decode the message.  We have to finish the slide by Thursday I'm really excited to find out what we are doing next for maths and if we will have to do it on a slide or not. What's your favourite maths subject? Comment down below what it is! Also, do you enjoy maths or not? Comment down below your answer. Please give me some feedback on this post also if you know any strategies to help me with time please comment them down below. Thank you for reading my post.

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