Friday, July 6, 2018

End of Term 2!

End of Term Reflection

What worked well this term? What I’m proud of?  
How have I shown my YMS Hero qualities?
Are there some things that haven't gone well for me?
What challenged me and how did I work through the challenge?
What will be my focus next term?

I’m really proud of how I have done in my maths and how I finished prob this term and how I have done it winter sports coaching the yr 5,6 team.

I think I have shown my hero qualities this term really well and I know that because I got 60,80 hero card this term and I have managed my work really well this term. I think I was in the learning pit a lot which I didn’t really like being in but I have started being ok with being in the learning pit.
Maths really challenged me this term and it still does I think I have got a lot better at maths and I’m starting to have more of a can do attitude.
My focus for next term is to learn to be ok with being in the learning pit and not giving up.

Thursday, July 5, 2018


maths on Biteable.

Poetry Anthology.

Last term we made Poetry Anthologies. We had to write many different styles of writing. My favorite style was haiku have you ever made a Poetry Anthology? Comment down below if you have. Here is what you need to write a haiku.

 .First line 5 syllables 
 .Second line 7 syllables
 .Third line 5 syllables

Thank you for reading my blog please leave some feedback about my Poetry Anthology. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

YMS Newspaper!

This week we have been creating newspaper. We used some of our newspaper reports that we have been writing for the last few weeks. I used My Gruffalo and Hunger games newspaper report for my newspaper. I used Google docs to make my newspaper. Have you ever made a newspaper?
Comment down below if you have! Comment down below any feedback that you for my newspaper. 
I really enjoyed making my newspaper but I found it really hard to find the layout that I wanted for my newspaper.

Some of the things a newspaper report needs

1. Heading
2. Picture with a caption
3. A good title
5. conclusion
6. Third person and past tense
7. Subheading
8. Direct and reported speech
9. Byline
10. Name of the newspaper

Thank you for reading my blog!

Friday, June 22, 2018


This week have been learning about measurement. Here is a quick video that I made on biteable
Measurement on Biteable.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Me and Hannah's writing blog!

A few days ago me and my friend Hannah made a story blog to publish our writing on,since writing is one of our favorite subjects at school. We used a website called Wix to make our writing blog. I hope you enjoy the short video of our writing blog.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Pop art

This week we have been learning about pop art and Roy Lichtenstein and many other artist. We had to do three pieces of done this week. I really enjoyed this week and finding more about pop art. Comment down below if you have done pop art! Fun fact: Roy Lichtenstein was thought of the worst artist in the U.S but eventually that changed.